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trip report

this is my first trip report i've ever really done. the only reason that i'm writing it is because it's a trip that i feel worth reporting due to my first paranormal experience while on DXM. i've been dexing for the past 4 years, been on up to 2000mg's and nothing like this has ever EVER happened.

weight: 220lb
sex: male
age: 19
dosage: 00:00 - 1062mg's, 02:15 - 354mg's
net dosage: 1416mg's
source: CVS brand Max Strength Cough Syrup (16oz's)

10:15pm - Drank one 8oz bottle of and one 4oz bottle of Cough Syrup for a total of 1062mg's on an empty stomach. I have a very hard time drinking cough syrup, so it took me about 10 minutes to get it all down, I can't guzzle two 8oz's at the same time like I used to. Slowly but surely, I got them down, then I brushed my teeth, guzzled some mouth wash, spit in the toilet, and I was good to go. They did not sit easy in my stomach, so I drank a glass of milk as well. This is my technique for getting it down and keeping it down.

Nothing interesting happened for the next couple hours. The usual, start feeling different, it comes on in waves, I sit in front of the computer with some cool music on and feel happy. Around midnight I am feeling very dissociated from my first dose, something strange was happening to my thought process, I began thinking of myself as at least one other person, a female. I said in my mind that she needs to go get the other bottle from my room and drink it outside then throw it into the woods. Very good, I do so. I open up the door to my room, which is pitch black, and I immeadiately have to turn on the light, otherwise I would become completely engulfed in the geometric hallucinations.

I walk outside with my walking stick and a lit cigarette, make my way into the woods, stand in the middle of my fire pit, and slam another 4oz bottle of cough syrup, then throw the bottle behind me into the trees. Whenever I am on a high dose and I redose, I usually remember drinking the next bottle and after that it's pretty much a black out. Same type deal here, the next thing I remember is going back into the computer room.

Ok so nothing really worth reporting so far, sorry guys, but here's where it starts getting interesting. I'm sitting on the computer, doing my thing, when somehow I feel like the computer is trying to communicate with my. In my dissociation, I start associating how I feel with what is happening on the computer. Whenever I look at an imagine on the computer, it is like a movie, when I can see anything due to the world kinda skipping and swirling around, the pictures on the computer are moving. Everything looks very crowded and busy. I start feeling artistic, so I grab some markers and I draw this picture:

on backside: On The Beaks of Eagles

By now it is 1:00am. I decide to head into my room to do some things. I walk through the hallway, open the door, and BAM!

Now I am completely dissociated. I cannot feel my body, I cannot feel my breathing, I can't feel anything. I am not in my body, I cannot communicate with it. What I can see (and at this point I can't tell you if my eyes were closed or opened) is a bunch of what I would call shadows. I sense as if I am being catapulted through other dimensions. I enter one, and everything appears one way, then I break through that one into another one and that one is completely different. Everything is alive and moving, I sense that there are other intelligent forms around me, most of them do not notice me, or reguard me indifferently. I am still able to tell that this is drug induced, I am aware that I created this by drinking the cough syrup, but I am still very eager to communicate with my enviroment, but I cannot move. After what seemed like hours of moving in and out of different "layers" I come to one final layer which is pitch black. Now there are no other "forms" around me, I am all alone.

At this point, I believe that I am dead and have left my body and that this is the spirit realm. I am not scared, but a little disappointed because there are still things that I want to do with my life. After this thought comes, a grey vortex appears in front of me, which the blackness that I am surrounded by spirals around it. I reach out and try to touch the vortex, the air around me is difficult to move, sort of like being underwater and moving your arms through the water. Now I notice something forming to my right. Slowly, it takes form, and it looks like what I can only describe as a fat black lady. It communicates with me that her name is Adrianna and then I become aware that she wants to show things to me. I do not have any mental resistance, I just let whatever comes come.

I feel as if I am falling back through the layers. I stop at a place where there are what looks like a bunch of white squares resembling chairs in front of me. I don't remember what else happened. I fall out of these hallucinations altogether, and I am on my hands and knees on the floor of my bedroom, not very far from the door, which is still open. I look over to my clock, and it reads 2:59. I had spent the last 2 hours either laying down or on my hands and knees in my room, completely dissociated. The first thing I notice is the way my head feels. It doesn't feel like it does normally when I trip, it feels like it was overloaded and a little burnt out, like a heavy, blank feeling. I blame this on the ratio of DXM:DXO and crawl up into my bed.

For the next hour, I am taken back through the layers, being led by Adrianna. I will float up through them, then fall back down and become aware of my body again. I can recall when I became aware that my body felt very long, but my legs felt very, very short. The last encounter I had with Adrianna, I feel back out of the layers and I repeated, "now you know why they have to stop." Sorry guys, I don't remember why they have to stop or who they is, but if I find out, I will tell you.

The rest is just sort of ordinary, hallucinations blah blah blah I fall asleep at 6:00am.
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