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Trip Discussion

We are the other people
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This community was designed to be a safe place to intelligently discuss psychedelic uses/experience.

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This community goes beyond just psychedelic discussion. Feel free to speak of any mind altering or expanding experiences that you may ever wish to speak of. Topics such as- meditation, astral projection, lucid dreaming, yoga, etc and so forth are more than welcome.

The only real rule here is to at least TRY to be respectful to fellow members. Though you may not agree with another's view/lifestyle please do not bash them. Just live and let live. okay?

Now join, post, and have fun!
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Please promote!!
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Also, if you are interested in becoming a MOD here to help me out with theme ideas, other ideas to make the community fun, and to help me maintain this place then email me- whitewolfgrrrl@gmail.com and we'll talk. I could use the help, considering i want this place to be fun, informative, and active. ♥